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“The world needs more female-fronted rock bands. With Sails Ahead are meeting that need and exceeding expectation, rapidly rising out of Brick Township in New Jersey. This band is hard at work and giving some of the staples of the genre a run for their money.” – Nick Teal, Teal Cheese

"I’m just super stoked on With Sails Ahead and what they can achieve – and maybe that is my hometown pride, or maybe that’s just because With Sails Ahead is accessible, their music is fun and upbeat, instrumentally well done and complete – for their second EP they have jumped leaps and bounds as they continue to establish a name for themselves among their peers and listeners." - Emily Famularo, The Hook

With Sails Ahead is the culmination of five passionate musicians’ shared love for progressive post-hardcore music and the will to shy from the familiar.  The up-and-coming progressive rock outfit aims to strike the perfect balance between catchiness while exhibiting musicianship through calculated, melodic leads, hard-hitting rhythm and meaningful, introspective lyrics.  Based in New Jersey, the band has worked tremendously hard the past two years to make their mark in the Northeast music scene, touring multiple cities among the east coast.  With Sails Ahead has supported bands such as A Lot Like Birds, Hail the Sun, Emarosa, Sianvar, Movements and more. Continuing to tread the lines between rock and post-hardcore, the band will release their third EP Morning Sun in Spring 2018.


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Morning Sun

by With Sails Ahead

'Morning Sun', our brand new EP, released Friday, March 9th, 2018.