The Hook Reviews 'Years in Waiting' EP

Emily Famularo, Editor-in-Chief at The Hook, recently reviewed our EP Years in Waiting. 

Emily noted that the music stood out to her in part by performances from each individual member:

The EP moves really well. Sierra's voice is backed by exacting and expressive music - thanks to really heavy-hitting drums from Andrew, and not one but two guitarists Josef & Santino, while bassist Jaime outlines the tracks.

Out of each track on the album, "Sooner or Later" was Emily's favorite: 

My absolute favorite track is #4, "Sooner Or Later." This track felt really defining for me as the final song of the EP, along with that really rad intro and the subtlety of Binondo's voice. The EP does move really quickly, with each track hitting just 3-minutes, or under, I hope that this EP is a sampling of bigger things to come from With Sails Ahead. 

To read the review in full, visit The Hook here