With Sails Ahead to open for Tilian Pearson of Dance Gavin Dance

Tilian Pearson of Dance Gavin Dance, Royal Coda (Kurt Travis, Joseph Arrington, Sergio Medina), With Sails Ahead

With Sails Ahead is excited to announce that they will be opening the Philadelphia date of Tilian Pearson’s solo tour on Septemer 13th. The Dance Gavin Dance frontman will be embarking on his solo tour this fall with ex-DGD vocalist Kurt Travis’ new band Royal Coda, Andres and Sunsleep.

Tickets are now available through the band at a discounted rate here.

Flyer for Tilian Pearson at Voltage Lounge in Philadelphia, PA on September 13th with Royal Coda, Andres, Sunsleep, With Sails Ahead and The Bad Bees